Remote Area Benefits

What are Remote Area Benefits?

Remote area benefits are Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) related concessions that are available to eligible employees who both reside and work in an area classified as remote by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). These benefits include rent, mortgage interest and residential fuel (including electricity).

Is my area classified as remote?

Do you live and work in a remote area? Follow the links below for a full list of Queensland and Tasmanian remote areas as nominated by the Australian Tax Office.

Why salary package a remote area benefit?

Salary packaging remote area benefits allows employees to reduce the amount of tax they pay by salary packaging certain expenses. These include rent*, mortgage interest and residential fuel. This benefit leads to potentially significant tax savings, allowing employees to make the most out of their pay.

*For employees renting an employer owned/leased accommodation, up to 100% of rent can be salary packaged and this option is beneficial for those of any income. For employees living in accommodation that is not owned/leased by the employer, up to 50% of rent can be salary packaged and the benefits are only evident to employees earing a minimum of $120,000 p.a. and paying a marginal tax rate of 37% (plus a 2% Medicare levy).

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