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  • Pay Less Tax!
    Less Tax!

    Employees can
    pay less tax
    under a salary
    packaging agreement.
  • Get That Car!
    Get That

    Make the
    unaffordable car
    you've always
    wanted affordable!
  • Maximise your Superannuation
    Your Super

    Stretch your
    hard earned
    dollars further.
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Welcome to Statewide Novated Leasing

What is Salary Packaging?

For employees, salary packaging (or salary sacrifice) is a great way to stretch hard earned dollars further. The ability to reduce tax payable by paying for certain expenses in pre-tax dollars may improve cash flow. It may make the unaffordable, affordable.

Sacrifice Superannuation?

Salary packaging their personal after tax superannuation contributions is a good way for employees to understand the concept and pay as you go tax benefit, of salary sacrifice.

Local Govt Employee?

Statewide is an approved LocalBuy Supplier for Local Government associations of Queensland and Tasmania under the Prequalified Supplier Arrangement for BUS278 Human Resources and Employee Services.

Our Services

Car Pricing

Car Pricing

Our car pricing service ensures that when a client packages a novated lease, they receive the best possible car price. ... more


Under a novated lease it is a mandatory finance condition that the leased vehicle is comprehensively insured for the duration of the lease period ... more
Request a Car Price

Car Price Request

To request a car price, just click the link below and complete & submit the car price request form. ... more
Helpful Advice

Helpful Advice

Our qualified financial advisers and friendly staff are available to assist with all of your leasing needs. ... more
Car Specials

Car Specials

Click here to view this month’s exclusive car specials.
Online Access

Online Access

Through our web portal you can submit claims, view transactions, lease & vehicle details, update your personal details and more – 24/7. ... more

Salary Packaging

Enhance your remuneration!


  • Pay Less Tax!
  • Drive the car you’ve always wanted!
  • Maximise your Superannuation contributions!
  • Get access to special vehicle pricing!

Our qualified financial advisers and friendly staff are available to assist with all of your leasing needs.



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